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The charge card can be described as a form of union card that is charged without any asset that does not charge interest, but it requires you to pay the balance on the statement in full, typically every month. 

Unity card charged

They can spend without a limit. Amount and offer a generous reward for cardholders. However, generally, they charge a high annual cost. Unity card charged me no asset.

What’s wrong with my Asset Store payment failing? – Unity

Important If your transaction has been unsuccessful, but you see a charge on the credit card you used, it is most likely a pending payment which means that Unity hasn’t fully processed the transaction. Unity card charged me no asset. 

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If you did not receive the invoice you were expecting from Unity, likely, we did not charge you.

The funds are in limbo and should be returned to your bank account within 72 hours. Contact your bank to inquire about more details.

Asset Store declining a working card – Unity Forum

Well, this is happening to me as well, and the service provider hasn’t made any attempts by the retailer for the charge.

I cannot buy assets, but my card is accepted everywhere else. It’s very odd… it’s only just begun taking place. 

DAMNED ANNOYING, TOO! polygamy, January 29 2014. #4. improving. Joined: Nov 30, 2009 Posts: 1,548. I’ve had this happen to me prior. It took two months for the Unity card to charge me no asset.

Unity: Why was my $1 charge after I added my credit to the…

Unity unexpectedly charged $1 after I added a new credit card to my Unity account. When I changed my payment method.

I was charged $1. Cause: To pay for your subscription, you may have to add a new Unity ID card. 

We need to verify that your bank permits us to use your card to pay for your subscription as it is a recurring payment.

How can I modify/remove credit card information? Unity

Derek here from Unity Customer Service. We appreciate you reaching out to us. Sorry to hear that you don’t see the option to add a payment mode to your Asset store purchases. 

To let you know that if your subscription is not attached to your account, you will need to go to the Asset shop and make a purchase through the Asset store checkout.

Unexpectedly, I was charged VAT for my subscription.

Will my license allows me to use Unity Editor on multiple platforms? Is my license valid for previous versions of Unity?

Are there any additional fees charged by Unity for the Unity Editor? More information is available. 

Unexpectedly, I was charged VAT for my subscription payment. Derek, February 7, 2020, at 05:01 PM; Updated with Symptoms. I was overcharged for my…

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