Unexplained Charges on Your Uber Account? ❤️

Unexplained Charges on Your Uber Account?

Unexplained Charges. Very frequent feedback we receive on the how to reach Uber customer service page concerns unexpected charges from Uber.

Here are some examples we come across every day:

  • What caused me to be two times charged through Uber?
  • The card is used to purchase Uber rides that I have never placed an order for.
  • Uber removed money from my account, but did not show up to collect us!

It’s always a bit of a shock when you find yourself charged a surprising amount from Uber and Uber makes it difficult for customers to reach them. 

There’s no customer service contact number or email address!

Unexplained Charges

If you discover an unexpected payment from Uber The first step is to determine if the transaction was legitimate or fraudulent. Unexplained Charges.

If you suspect that the charge is fraudulent you should contact the cardholders as well as Uber. In the case of fraudulent credit cards It’s usually better to first contact the card issuer first, and then call Uber.

If you follow the correct actions, there’s a great chance that the incorrect charge will be eliminated.Unexplained Charges.

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Pages at Uber.com to Report Surprise Charges

The following pages provide the best method to contact Uber in the event of an unresolved payment, two-charge, or suspect that your account is being hacked.

  • I was accused of a ride that I didn’t use.
  • I’m paying an extra cost for the trip Find out about the temporary charges
  • The charge was made twice for this trip. Report double charges
  • My account is subject to being charged by someone else. – Report the fraud

Uber app directions

You can also file a complaint that requires a fee by referring to the receipt for your ride that is linked to the charge.

Real charges that could appear suspicious

The first reaction is likely to believe that a surprising charge is fraudulent or an error by Uber. 

However, there are a variety of plausible charges that could be the cause of the issue.

Duplicate Charge? Might Be a Temporary Authorization Hold

If you’ve just taken the bus and have an additional cost from Uber It’s probably an authorization hold for a short period. Unexplained Charges.

Uber holds your ride when you ask for an Uber ride within the amount of the estimated or upfront cost. This is a measure of security to stop fraud.

The temporary hold is canceled by Uber when the trip has been completed, however, the amount could be in a ‘pending’ status in your bank account in 3 to 5 business days. The duration of the hold is contingent on the bank you use.

If you find an additional charge, wait 3 – 5 days to see if the issue disappears. If it’s not gone within 3 to five days, check this website: I was charged multiple times for an excursion.

Family or Friend Took a Ride

It’s normal for friends and family members to share payment methods as well as share access to a single account. 

If you notice a sudden bill, inquire with those with access to your accounts and ask what they did to pay for the charge.

Subscriptions & Recurring Charges

There are many kinds of recurring charges you might not have the memory of the authorizing.

Uber Pass: Uber passes are a $24.99 monthly subscription that grants discounted prices for Uber rides as well as Uber Food orders. 

Subscriptions are renewed automatically. If you’re seeing a bill for $24.99 It’s probably to be for the Uber Pass.

Uber Cash: It is a method to increase the amount of money you have in the Uber account. 

The feature is auto-refill. The minimum amount for Uber Cash deposits is $25 to $50 or $100. Go to your wallet in your Uber app to check whether you’ve got Uber Cash auto-refill on.

Uber Fees

There are a variety of fees charged by Uber that could show up as a surprise charge on your account.

Charges for cancellation: Range from $3 between $3 and $10. You’ll be charged an amount for cancellation if you do not cancel within two minutes after having been assigned a driver.

if your driver does not cancel their appointment after waiting longer than 5 minutes at the location you are in. Has your cancellation fee been reviewed here?

Cleaning charges: If you leave an unclean area or damage to the car of a driver and are assessed a charge. 

Cleaning fees are typically paid in amounts of $20 $80, $40, and $150. Get your cleaning fees reviewed he more.

Illegitimate Charges, Fraud, and Suspicious Account Activity

If your charges aren’t falling within any of the legal motives, it could be the result of a mistake made by Uber or a scam.

Be on the lookout for these suspect behaviors:

  • Receipts from trips you do not recognize
  • Update your account information without your input
  • Texts or calls from Uber drivers regarding pickups when you didn’t ask for a ride

If one of these is applicable to you, please use either of these contact pages on help.uber.com to report the problem.

Suspect fraud? Contact Your Cardholder First

If you suspect your debit or credit card was stolen and used to pay for Uber make contact with the card holder first. 

Your information could have been stolen the first step is to protect your account from any further fraud.

Begin by informing your card holder about the problem. The prevention of fraud is more important than telling Uber to know about the fraud.

Many cards come with protection against fraud as well as 24-hour customer support. 

Uber is more difficult to reach, and typically you’ll be able to get better results by calling your cardholder first.

After you’ve contacted the cardholder, you should submit the issue to Uber via or one of the help pages above. 

If you think that your Uber account has been compromised, you should change your password.

Will You Get a Refund? What to Expect

In general, if the charge is not legitimate, there is a good chance that it can be reversed. 

Contacting Uber isn’t a simple process, however, when you fill out the right forms and provide accurate information.

Uber typically has enough details on its side to determine whether a charge is not legitimate.

If you’re not seeing results from Uber If you’re not getting results, you have an alternative of a chargeback. 

If you think a transaction is not legitimate and Uber hasn’t reimbursed you for it after more than an entire week of the chargeback process, consider requesting a chargeback through your bank or cardholder.

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Unexplained Charges Also Ask

What is the reason I’m getting an unintentional bill from Uber?

At the beginning of an excursion, Uber may place an authorization hold that is temporary to hold the cost of the upfront portion of your trip on the payment method you use. The hold will show as an “pending” charge on your account’s payment method. Once the trip is complete the authorization hold will be transformed into a charge for the final cost of the trip.

How do I contact Uber about false charges

In the upper left-hand corner of the app, tap the three vertically stacked lines and then the “Your Trips” option.
  1. Select Your Trips to dispute an Uber charge. Jennifer Still/Business Insider.
  2. Select Review my fare or fees. …
  3. Select your issue with the ride charge. …
  4. View your trips in the drop down menu.

What can I do about unauthorized charges on my debit card?

Report a suspicious charge or debit immediately
Contact your bank or card provider immediately if you suspect an unauthorized debit or charge. If a thief charges items to your account, you should cancel the card and have it replaced before more transactions come through.

How do I contact Uber customer service?

You can also visit your local Greenlight Hub for assistance or submit a question at help.uber.com. If you contact Uber through help.uber.com, our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.