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Turbo prepaid card:Are you looking for a turbo-prepaid card activation? You can directly access the turbo-prepaid card start by following the links below.

Use your username and password to log in. After successful Login, the login screen will appear.

Please see the Troubleshooting options if you are still having trouble activating your turbo prepaid card.Turbo prepaid card.

Turbo Card | TurboTax Intuit

The Turbo(r), Visa(r), and Debit Card offer nationwide network-accessible ATMs. This is a significant advantage over the banks of the United States.

With our app, you can find a nearby ATM when you need it. FIND FREE ATMS. ATM withdrawals outside the Turbo Visa are not permitted.Turbo prepaid card.

Turbo prepaid card activate

Turbo Card Login – Access your Account 

The Turbo(r), Visa(r) Debit Card is issued and managed by Green Dot Bank Member FDIC under a Visa U.S.A. Inc. license. Turbo prepaid card.

Green Dot Bank operates as the following registered trade names; GoBank, Green Dot Bank, and Bonneville Bank. Turbo prepaid card.

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These registered trade names refer to Green Dot Bank, an FDIC-insured bank. Any of the trade names are eligible for deposits. 

Turbo Prepaid Card Overview

Let’s start by clearing one thing. No matter if you use TurboTax for your taxes, you can get your tax refund from any prepaid card. 

The Turbo card is a great option with reasonable fees. It’s worth looking into if you already use TurboTax to prepare taxes. You can’t apply for the card if TurboTax isn’t installed.

Are you not finding the Turbo Prepaid Visa(r), Card you were looking for? You might also be interested in other options on our Best prepaid debit cards list.Turbo prepaid card.

The monthly standard fee for prepaid cards is $4.95. This is about average. However, this fee can be waived if you load $1,000 or more during the previous month. This makes it comparable to other prepaid cards that you can get for free.

The Turbo prepaid card comes with an ATM network that includes over 20,000 ATM locations. This makes it easy to withdraw cash from your account without any fees

 Turbo Card

Intuit, Turbo and other marks are trademarks or service marks of Intuit Inc. Green Dot Corporation issues the Turbo Prepaid Visa Card. 

This card is subject to a Visa U.S.A Inc. license. Green Dot Corporation, Member FDIC, is a member service provider of Green Dot Bank.Turbo prepaid card.

TurboTax Intuit

LOGIN TO ACTIVATE A CARD. Contact us Customer Care (888) 285-4169 Report lost, stolen, or damaged cards > Dispute transactions > Mailing address Green Dot P.O. Box 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117. Legal Information. Legal Info.

Simple Login Process of Turbo …

Turbo Prepaid Card activation Visit the official Turbo Debit Card website. Feeling lazy? Click here to activate your card. 

Clicking that button will open the form page to activate your card. Enter your email address.

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How to activate Turbo Debit Card – GiftCardRescue.com

To activate your Turbo Debit Card, visit the Turbo Debit Card Website and click on “ACTIVATE CREDIT”, as shown in this image. 

Click here to see the Turbo Debit Card Website. You will then be taken to the page shown below.Turbo prepaid card.


The Turbo Prepaid card is a very competitive card. The card offers a low (and non-refundable) monthly fee as well as a free ATM network. 

It also offers some great features like bill pay and free billing. It’s only available to TurboTax customers via the software. TurboTax users will find the application tedious and cumbersome.

However, TurboTax users who are already TurboTax users should consider the card because of its low fees.

Best for:Those who use TurboTax, and plan to receive their tax refund via a prepaid credit card.

Not so good for: Anyone who uses any other tax preparation software.

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People also ask turbo to activate their prepaid card.

How do I Activate my Turbo debit card?

To activate your Turbo Debit Card, visit the Turbo Debit Card Website and click on “ACTIVATE CREDIT”, as shown in this image. Click here to see the Turbo Debit Card Website. You will then be taken to the page below. To activate your card, you will need the following information:

What is the Turbo Card Mobile App?

The Turbo Card mobile app allows you to: Send and receive money with friends and family using the Turbo Debit Card. With a Green Dot Bank prepaid debit card, you can send money to anyone at no cost. These cards include the Walmart MoneyCard or Green Dot Prepaid Card.

What happens if my Turbo prepaid number is not found?

Toll-free help is available at (888) 285-4169 if you are having trouble logging in to your Turbo Prepaid Card online or creating an account. For more information, please refer to the help article.

How can I earn a $10 turbocharged reward?

Receive a $10 bonus after making two direct deposits of $250 or greater. After two consecutive Direct Deposits of $250 or More, your Turbo Card will receive a $10 reward. You must obtain your 2nd qualifying direct deposit by 6/30/2018.