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turbo card app:that we offer in this article is a genuine and direct download directly from Google Store. 

It’s compatible with all Android phones (required Android 2.3+) and capable of installation on PC and Mac. turbo card app.

You may need an Android emulator like Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, …

Turbo Card was released through Green Dot. The current version is 1.5.0, which was released on 2021-05-10. turbo card app.

It’s listed under Finance in the Google Play Store, getting more than 1000000 downloads. The overall score of 4.3. 4.3 (based upon 7.938 reviewers).

turbo card app

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New features

We’ve improved our services to provide the total amount of fees that are paid in our transaction’s history.turbo card app.

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App Description

Monitor your account at any time and more using Turbo(r) Visa(r) Credit Cardturbo card app.


* Activate the new card.
* Locate a ATM that is free*
* Pay your bills at any time any time, from any location
* Deposit checks
* Get direct deposit info
* Slide to ensure balance
* Locate places to place cash in
* Place funds in your vault
* Pay money to family and friends.


* Shop online or in stores anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted in the U.S.
* NO overdraft fees, ever
* No minimum balance

ASAP Direkt Deposit(tm)

Pay your bills up to 2 days prior to payday by using ASAP Direct Deposit(tm). **

What else could this account be used for?
Find out at TurboDebitCard.Intuit.com

Fees for monthly and other charges apply.
See Deposit Account Agreement for details.

For ATM withdrawals that are not made within the Turbo Visa Debit Card ATM network A $2.50 fee will be charged. Additionally, any fees the ATM owner might charge.

Direct Deposit early availability is contingent on the timing of the payer’s instructions for payment and any the restrictions on fraud prevention could apply. turbo card app.

This means that the availability and timing of direct deposit in the early hours can vary from one time to time. 

Be sure that your identity and number of your social security you’ve put on the account with your employer or benefits company is the same as that listed on the Green Dot account exactly. 

We won’t be able to transfer your money in the event we’re unable to match the recipients.

We update frequently and you Should Likewise:
The app is regularly updated to offer you the most current features as well as security updates. This will give you an overall more enjoyable experience controlling your finances.

Have questions about the use of your Turbo Visa Debit Card?
Log in to TurboDebitCard.Intuit.com and email us through the Contact Us page. Live Chat with us between 6 am and 6 pm on a weekday or dial the number printed on the reverse of your card for assistance 24/7.

Intuit as well as Turbo are trademarks or service marks owned by Intuit Inc. Other marks belong to the respective owner.turbo card app.

Services for banking are provided by and Card are provided through Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC in accordance with an authorization from Visa U.S.A.

Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of the Visa International Service Association. Green Dot is a registered trademark of Green Dot Corporation.

App Details

Package name: com.greendot.intuit.turbocard
Updated 1 year ago
Compatibility: Android 2.3+
The Developer’s Name is: Green Dot
Category: Finance
File MD5: 23E910A79CE0DD88FDB2C23D629F9D96
File SHA1: E072648C306C287EB8689F605FF7415C7C67D8CA

App Rating


Total of 7,938 reviews


2 . On 2021-03-27.
I’m not happy with your application for the same reason that I’ve been dealing with regarding my Turbotax card account. 

I’m unable to deposit my stimulus checks into my account since it doesn’t let me do that.

1 .
Good luck with the transfer from it. Best of luck making use of the credit card. Do yourself a favor by cancelling everything prior to a deposit of a check that you can’t even take a look at.

5 on 2021-03-19
I’m wondering if the stimulus has been put on another card in the past. ??!! It’s taking me forever to receive my payment. Additionally, I am unable to upgrade my application to include my second card. 

Apart from that, I enjoy my card. I have filed my tax returns and am currently deciding on my card to represent everything that needs to be used for everything. Check it out and try it. You’ll love it.

1 . On 2021-02-17
Really disappointing, missed the mark in the case of stimulus checks. There is an turbo credit card which taxes are deducted on, however when it was time for the stimulus program at the govt turbo tax.

 they demanded my bank account details I do have an account with Turbo tax, which you’ve used multiple times to deposit returns to the account. The account is in the process of closing, but I will close it following this mess.

2 . On 2021-02-06
This app no longer functions. If it worked, it worked okay. But now it won’t let me login at ALL. I’ve tried on and off for two months. I’m able to login online , but the app denies every attempt to log into. 

This means that it’s UNINSTALLED permanent. Why install something that won’t perform? Update: A monthly dep. arrived today. 

I installed the application once more, switched the pw and it’s working right now! I love the bal slide feature. I’m a bit skeptical about The app right now, but I’ll keep it and keep you posted.

1 . On 2021-03-14
It’s slow to load. It takes forever to sign in. Every time there’s deposits, it takes long to complete. I’ll be turning my stimuli off, and closing it for eternity.

1 on the morning of 2021-01-09
The interface is a bit difficult to use. It’s extremely complicated and difficult to use. 

Transferring money can be a hassle. If you wish to transfer money to someone else, they need to have a debit card in order to receive the money. 

A transaction was rejected because of the inability to get the money however, it still states that the money is gone. 

To pay for a bill or an individual, you’ll need enter their name, their phone number as well as their email. 

I’m not confident about the security of my funds or my details. It seems like there’s no good things here.

1 . On 2021-03-14
Do not use this app or credit card There are alternative options which don’t require monthly fees, and let you transfer money to different accounts when needed.

1 . On 2021-01-01
I would rate it 0 stars if it were feasible. Customer service is virtually impossible to reach. 

They shut down my account without warning, and every time I was able to contact customer service, they did not help. 

I’ve been provided with three different reasons the reason why my account was shut down by three different customer service representatives. These reps can be rude, and call you back. I do not recommend.

2 . Date: 2021-03-10
I’m still waiting for my card to arrive as it was expected arrive three months ago.. 

There was the card information which I was able to use it pay my money on the internet. 

But, the information is not accessible. There’s no way to determine what information is on the website. Therefore, there is no way to use the remainder of my money.

4 . On 2021-02-23.
The only issue I encountered was with logging into my account once I had set it up, but other than all else was good it took around seven business days to receive my card, however I could use the virtual card prior to receiving the actual card , so thank you Turbo Tax for your advance and tax refund.

2 .
I’m having trouble changing my PIN on my card app.It tells me to open the card application to change it , but it doesn’t allow me to. 

The PIN I set up when I received my card , however, when I go to the ATM, it displays an the invailed PIN#.So it isn’t letting me take my money out in the present.

5 on 2021-03-13
I really appreciate this service offered by turbotax. Will never file my taxes another method after they’ve given the tax advance . 

This card is amazing. It updates me in real-time and I can transfer money using the app without having to deal with another app. Excellent card and application! It’s definitely worth the purchase.

2 . on 2021-04-24
They hold your funds for you with a 3k month limitation on withdrawals from banks and tellers with a 2 weeks from when you send them an official check. 

This will ensure that your account isn’t drained and that they keep accumulating gains. 

If I had known this before being sold the service by Turbotax I’d have waiting for to the IRS and their two-week paper checks. 

I’ll be waiting for my tax returns again as I took out more than I could afford to withdraw from my own funds this month. I am thankful that it isn’t an urgent situation. #yeaimpissed

5 on 2021-04-02
Best online banking ever! Simple to use and navigate, with useful and cool features that other banks online or banking apps do not have or offer they will never have or provide, which, absolutely, make it the most convenient online banking can provide to the public today! There is no doubt about it that there is there is no other way to describe it. 

absolutely nothing to worry about, the top of the best that online banking can offer that is available and ready to you for all your banking requirements! Im a happy customer!!!!!! !



We’ve upgraded our capabilities to allow for the total amount of fees paid during transactions.


We’ve improved our capabilities to allow for all fees that were paid during our transaction’s history.


We’ve improved our services to provide the total amount of fees that are paid in our transaction’s history.


We’ve improved our services to provide the total amount of fees that are paid in our transaction’s history.


We’ve upgraded our offerings to include the total amount of fees paid during the transaction history


We’ve fixed a few things that allow you to provide your employer with Direct Deposit information for a simple setup.


We’ve fixed a few things which include being able to email your employer Direct Deposit information for a simple setup.


We’ve fixed a few things that allow you to email your employer Direct Deposit details to facilitate the setup.

Installation Instructions

Download the APK file from this page, and then take these steps:

Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

  1. In the Settings of your device Tap the button “Security” as well as “Applications” (varies according to the your device)
  2. Allow “Unknown Sources” permission
  3. Confirm by clicking “OK”

Step 2 Step 2: Install and launch

  1. In the gadget’s “Download” directory, locate and click on the APK file.
  2. Click “Install”on the Android Installer screen.
  3. Start the App


What exactly is the definition of an APK File?

APK file APK File is an application developed specifically for Android the smartphone operating system. Certain apps come pre-installed for Android devices, and others are available for download through Google Play or from a site such as ApksPC.com . Applications downloaded through Google Play are automatically installed on your device, but apps obtained from different sources have to be manually installed.

If I download an APK from this site Will I be able to update the app via Google Play? Play Store?

Yes, absolutely. Once you’re on the Play Store finds a version of the app which is newer than the version you’ve downloaded it will begin an update.

What steps will you employ to ensure that all APKs are authentic?

If someone is looking to download an APK file from this website We’ll look up the appropriate APK download in Google Play and allow user to download the file straight away (of of course we’ll store it on our servers). When the APK file is not available there on Google Play, we’ll search it within our cache.

What’s wrong? Why can’t I hit”Install? It’s grayed out on the Android device!

Remove any apps that screen dimming like Lux as well as Twilight. To protect yourself, Android will gray out the button to install when an app similar to that is running.