Arby’s responds to reports of unauthorized charges at Temple restaurant ❤️

reports of unauthorized charges

reports of unauthorized charges: In an official statement, the restaurant chain said to 6 News that the charges resulted from an “unforeseen credit card processing issue.”


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In an announcement, Arby’s said those purchases at 1514 W. Adams Ave. were based on purchases made at an earlier time in 2011 that wasn’t completed until the week of this week due to the issue with processing.

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The date on which the purchases were completed wasn’t mentioned in the report. reports of unauthorized charges.reports of unauthorized charges.

The complete statement reads:

“To our valued guests,

Arby’s takes the security of the personal information of our customers very seriously, and we have security measures in place to continuously be on the lookout for fraudulent activities.

A few purchases were made at our franchised store located at [6490 W. Adams Ave.6490 W. Adams Ave.

Temple, TX, from earlier in the year, was not made until this week, due to an unanticipated credit processing issue. reports of unauthorized charges.

Our Franchisee took the appropriate steps to solve the problem with the company that processes credit cards. reports of unauthorized charges.

We are able to assure our customers that there was no breach of data or breach of our systems.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this could have caused you. “

Arby’s has also told 6 News that it hasn’t received any reports that are confirmed that this has happened at other locations.

“We encourage guests with any questions or concerns to contact 
This past Tuesday The Temple Police Department said to 6 News that it received three phone calls from people claiming that their credit cards were being utilized in Temple.

Alejandra Arreguin with the Temple PD confirmed that there are no open cases pertaining to this issue as of now despite a number of people initially writing about the possible fraud in the Temple, TX – City Watch Facebook group and then in the comments following the 6 News story was first published in the KCEN TV Facebook page.

However, with the holiday season coming up, Temple PD wants to urge everyone to immediately make any suspicious activity known and to monitor their statements regularly alter passwords, make sure you change them, and don’t give out their account details.

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What happens when you report an unauthorized transaction?

Once a suspected fraud transaction is noticed, your credit card issuer may cancel your card, send you a replacement and start a fraud investigation. It may also refund the amount back to your account. Even if it doesn’t immediately issue a refund, you’re not responsible for disputed amounts during the investigation.

How long do clients have to report unauthorized charges?

60 days
Federal law only protects cardholders for a limited time — 60 days to be exact — after a fraudulent or incorrect charge has been made. Thankfully I noticed the billing error within a few days of it posting to my account and started the dispute process right away

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