New Charity Charge Credit Card is Designed Specifically for Nonprofits ❤️

A credit card that was specifically designed for non-profit organizations is now accessible across the country According to Charity Charge the public benefit corporation makes use of financial technology to help nonprofits. New Charity Charge. 

The Charity Charge credit card has no annual cost and gives the benefit of a 1% discount directly on the group used the balance of their account. Nonprofits are able to get several cards that have throttled spending limits for their staff, reports Fast Company.

It “will positively impact the work of nonprofits within your local community as well as across the country,” said Stephen Garten the charity charge’s CEO and founder. 

“Since August, we’ve been in the pre-launch stage in direct contact with more than 100 organizations who have been piloting this unique credit card program designed specifically for non-profits. 

The responses have been phenomenal and are what the nonprofit community desperately wanted.”

New Charity Charge Credit Card

According to Fast Company reports, more than 1.5 million U.S. nonprofits spend $1.8 billion each year, yet they’ve been confined to basic business credit or debit cards to pay for their expenditures.

“Typical corporate cards demand a private guarantor to sign, creating a complicated burden on the person who is the one to sign the document,” Fast Company explained. 

“Some are also subject to fees and the reward points structure isn’t suitable for organizations that simply require more money to accomplish their task. 

However, debit cards pose a risk since they require a large amount of cash if you’re spending it on items regularly. Additionally, they don’t offer the same protection for consumers and alerts for fraud.”

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Credit cards for Charity Charge originate from Commerce Bank and are managed by Mastercard’s payment system. Anyone that has at least 2 years worth of bank information is eligible for the card. 

The cards are available with an annual percentage rate of 14.9 percent which is a few points lower than the average for the country, as per Fast Company.

“From the moment we begin, we will be focusing on helping as many non-profits as we can,” Garten said. “I’m overwhelmed with optimism and joy and am on an adventure to transform our world.”

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