It’s illegal to charge credit card processing fees in these 5 states.

illegal to charge credit card. Have you ever tried to purchase something using a credit card and then been told you’ll be charged a fee to use a credit payment instead of cash? 

These charges are referred to as credit card surcharges and are more frequent than you believe. 

Retailers can choose to charge these charges in order to reduce the processing fees for credit cards they must pay.illegal to charge the credit cards

In certain states, it is illegal for companies to transfer credit card processing fees onto the consumer. 

illegal to charge credit card

Continue reading to learn more and find out which states have halted this practice.

What are the charges for credit cards?

Credit card surcharges are the charges which are added to a charge made by a credit card. illegal to charge the credit cards

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Some merchants add the fee to the customer’s account to help pay for processing fees for credit cards that businesses have to pay. 

Most of the time these charges are not significant. For instance, a cardholder could be charged $1.00 for using a credit card.

Why do companies require customers to pay a cost to use credit cards?

The business owners must pay processing charges for credit cards. These charges can differ based on the kind of credit card being used along with the processing method used. 

The costs can be significant for a company, particularly in cases where the majority of customers utilize credit cards. 

Since it is so popular to make use of credit cards, certain business owners opt to pass on some of the charges to their customers via the credit card surcharge.

Although most states permit such a practice, firms are required to be aware of these charges according to federal law.illegal to charge the credit cards

It is illegal to charge fees in these states.

In certain states, retailers cannot add convenience or surcharges. The following states are those in which it’s illegal: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, and Massachusetts.

It isn’t illegal for companies to charge surcharges for credit cards in states that have laws against it There are two points to be aware of. 

In Maine, government entities can impose credit card surcharges. Furthermore, states are permitted to provide cash discounts to get rid of these fees. 

That includes the five mentioned states. Cash discounts can help more customers make payments in cash.

In addition, it could benefit both the company as well as the customer to avoid any extra costs.illegal to charge the credit cards

What should you do if suspect you’ve been charged improperly

If you’re in a country that prohibits the addition of surcharges to the bill of a customer and you discover that a business has violated the law, call the Attorney General’s office of your state to take action. 

However, if you’re located in any of the 45 states that aren’t listed above, the practice is legally permitted and is allowed.

Knowing the fees you might incur when using credit cards is essential in order to aid in keeping track of your overall spending and help you ensure that you keep your financial affairs in good order. 

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illegal to charge the credit card Also Ask

Is it illegal to charge a CC fee?

Credit card surcharges are optional fees added by a merchant when customers use a credit card to pay at checkout. Surcharges are legal unless restricted by state law. Businesses that choose to add surcharges are required to follow protocols to ensure full transparency.

Can I charge a processing fee?

It is legal to charge a credit card processing fee in 40 out of 50 states if it’s a surcharge and in all states if it’s a convenience fee. A surcharge is an added cost just for using a credit card, while a convenience fee is a charge for doing a transaction that’s unusual for the merchant (e.g. over the phone).

Is it illegal to charge card payments UK?

Businesses are not permitted to impose surcharges for paying by debit card, credit card or electronic payment services. The ban on surcharges does not apply to commercial debit or credit cards.

Is it legal to charge credit card fees in NY?

As part of its seven-part consumer alert holiday series, the New York State Division of Consumer Protection is reminding consumers that credit card surcharges are prohibited in New York State.