Disputing Credit Card Charges ❤️

Disputing Credit Card Charges: Have you ever had to pay for items you returned or did not receive? Have you had you ever had a credit card issuer where the company billed you two times on the exact same product or was it unable to credit purchase on your credit card? While it is frustrating, Disputing Credit Card Charges.

these errors can be rectified. It’s a matter of patience and understanding of the dispute settlement procedures set forth by the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA).

The law is applicable for “open-end” credit accounts, like credit cards, and revolving charge accounts like departments store accounts. Disputing Credit Card Charges. 

Disputing Credit Card Charges

This law does not apply to installment contracts, which are credit cards or loans which you pay back on a predetermined date.Disputing Credit Card Charges. 

Many people purchase furniture, cars, and large appliances on an installment basis and then pay back the personal loan in monthly installments.Disputing Credit Card Charges. 

✅ Billing Errors

✅ Exercise Your Rights

✅ The Investigation

✅ Complaints About the Quality of Goods and Services

✅ Additional Billing Rights

✅ Complaints

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Billing Errors

It is important to note that the FCBA settlement procedures are only applicable to disputes involving “billing errors.” For instance:

✅ unauthorized charges. Federal law limits your liability for charges that are not authorized to $50; charges that have the incorrect date or amount;

✅ fees for the purchase of goods or services you did not purchase or were not delivered in accordance with the contract;

✅ math errors;

✅ the failure to make payments, or other credits like return credits;

✅ inability to pay bills to the address you currently have in the event that the creditor is aware of changing your address in writing at least 20 days prior to the date that the expiration date of the billing period and.

✅ costs for which you request to be informed or confirmation of purchase with an alleged mistake or an inquiry for clarification.Disputing Credit Card Charges.Disputing Credit Card Charges.

Exercise Your Rights

To be eligible for the law’s protection of consumers You must:

✅send a letter to your creditor at the address listed as “billing inquiries,” not the address to send your money, and be sure to include your address, name, account number, and a brief description of the error in billing. Utilize our example letter.

✅ You should send your letter to ensure that it gets to the creditor within 60-days after your first bill that contained the error was sent to you. It’s best to mail your letter via certified mail. You should request the return receipt to be able to prove that the creditor has received it. 

✅ Also include duplicates (not copies) of the sales receipts and other documents supporting your argument. Keep an original copy of your dispute letters.

The creditor has to acknowledge your complaint in writing within 30 days of receipt, or until it is determined that the issue is addressed. 

The creditor has to resolve any dispute with you within 2 billing cycles (but not longer than 90 calendar days) following receipt of the letter.

The Investigation

You are able to withhold payment of the amount that is disputed (and associated charges) during the course of your investigation. You must pay the entire amount of the bill that is not in dispute, including interest on the amount not in dispute.

The creditor can’t pursue any legal or any other actions to recover the amount disputed and any associated fees (including financial fees) during the course of the investigation. 

Although your account cannot be shut down or restricted, the disputed amount could be applied against the credit limit.

The creditor cannot be threatening your credit score or report you as indebted or accelerate your debt or restrict or shut down your account due to a bill that is in the dispute or because you are using your FCBA rights. 

However, the creditor could claim that you’re challenging your charge. It’s also illegal for lenders to discriminate against applicants who are exercising their rights with good faith under the FCBA. For instance, a creditor cannot deny you credit simply because you’ve filed a dispute with a bill.

If it transpires that your invoice is in error, the creditor will provide you with a written explanation in writing — the changes that will be applied on your credit card. 

The creditor is required to eliminate any finance charges, late fees or other charges that are related to the mistake.

If the creditor decides that you owe a part of the amount disputed then you have to provide an explanation in writing. You may ask for proof that you owe the cash.

If the creditor’s inquiry finds that the invoice is not valid, you must be informed promptly and in writing what you owe, and the reason for it. You can ask for copies of the relevant documents. 

After this, you’ll be liable for the disputed amount in addition to all finance fees that were accrued when the amount was in dispute. Additionally, you may be required to pay the amount that you didn’t pay because in the event of a dispute.

If you are not satisfied with the conclusions that have been uncovered, then you are able to contact the creditor in writing but you must take action within 10 days following receipt of the explanation.

In addition, you could indicate that you are unable to pay the amount in dispute. In this case, the creditor can begin collection processes. 

If the creditor refers you to a credit reporting company as being in default The report must also declare that you don’t believe you are owed the money. 

The creditor has to inform the person who receives the reports. The creditor must also promptly notify any subsequent resolution of the reported delinquency to all those who have received the report.

If a creditor fails to comply with the settlement procedure could not receive the amount of the dispute, as well as any fees, including $50, regardless of whether the charge proves to be valid. 

For instance that if a lender acknowledges your claim within 45 days, which is 15 days late or takes longer than two cycles to settle disputes the penalty will apply. 

The penalty is also applicable when a creditor threatens to report or incorrectly declares your inability to make payment during the period of the dispute.

Complaints About the Quality of Goods and Services

The quality of products and services aren’t “billing errors,” so the dispute process doesn’t apply. If you do have an issue with items or services you purchased using a credit card or charge card, you are able to pursue the same legal action against the card issuer that you could in accordance with state law in the case of the merchant.

To benefit from this benefit the purchase must be completed the purchase (it must be worth greater than $50) within your state of residence at least 100 miles of your billing address. Also, you must attempt in good faith to resolve the issue in the first instance with the retailer.

The limitations on distance and dollars do not apply in the event that the seller is the card issuer or if a specific partnership exists between the buyer and card issuer.

Additional Billing Rights

Businesses that provide “open-end” credit also must:

✅You will receive written notification when you create an account for the first time — and every few months -which outlines your rights to contest billing errors.

✅ Provide a statement for each period during which you are owed — or owe you greater than one dollar or for which you were given a finance fee.

✅ Send your bill at least 21 days prior to the date your payment is due (for credit card payments) and before the grace period expires or the imposing of finance charges (for open-end credit)

✅ Also, not less than 14 days prior to the date of the due date for a minimum payment in order to avoid being late (for open-end credit, even if there is no grace period).

✅ All payments are credited to your account at the date that they were received unless additional costs would be incurred if they didn’t. 

✅ Creditors can set reasonable guidelines for processing payments, for example, setting a fair timeframe for payments to be received in order to be creditable on the same date but the deadline must not be later than five p.m. when the date is due.

✅ promptly refund or credit overpayments as well as other amounts owed to your account if your account is owed more than one dollar. 

✅ If you want to get to receive a refund, it must be made within 7 business days from the time the creditor has received your request in writing.

✅ The creditor must also try in good faith to reimburse a credit balance that is in your account for more than 6 months.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the FCBA for the majority of creditors, excluding banks. If you suspect that a lender has not complied with an FCBA, file a complaint with the FTC.

You can also bring a lawsuit against a creditor that violates the FCBA. If you prevail in the case, you could be awarded damages in addition to what you paid for any financing charges that are incurred, provided it’s within the range of $500 to $5,000 or more when a pattern or pattern of violations is proven. The court can also require the creditor to cover the attorney’s fees and expenses.

If you can, find an attorney who is willing to pay the amount given you by the judge as the total amount they charge to represent you. Some lawyers won’t take the case until you pay their fees regardless of whether you win or lose or to increase the amount awarded by the court in the event that they believe that it is too low.

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Disputing Credit Card Charges Also Ask

Can I challenge the credit card charge I paid for with my own money?

Also, you are entitled to contest the credit card charge you have made for a purchase you’ve made. It can be done due to a variety of reasons that include services not being provided or dissatisfaction with the services provided.

What are valid reasons for disputing a credit card charge?

Valid Reasons to Dispute a Credit Card Charge
  • Charges with wrong date or dollar amount.
  • Math errors (such as an incorrect total after adding a tip)
  • Failure to post payments or credits.
  • Failure to deliver the bill to your current address (assuming you provided it 20 days before the billing cycle closing date)

Do you think it is worth contesting a charge from a credit card?

Federal law offers protection to consumers who use credit cards to dispute charge-backs and errors in billing due to fraudulent transactions. Refusing a charge does not necessarily mean that you’ll not have to pay for it but. The amount you’re responsible for the amount disputed depends on the findings of the card issuer’s inquiry.

How does the retailer when you contest the amount charged?

If the issuer is able to accept that the transaction is valid, they’ll forward it to the network that handles cards, which could be Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover You could be granted a credit to your account for a short period of time. The card network will review the transaction and decides whether to require the card issuer to make payment or forward an email to merchant’s bank that is the acquiring bank.

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