Charity Charge Unveils a Custom Credit Card for Nonprofits That Earns Cash Back With Every Purchase❤️

Charity Charge Unveils: Charity Charge is a public benefit corporation that today announced a new credit card specifically designed for nonprofits. Charity Charge Unveils.

Commerce Bank’s Charity Charge Nonprofit Business Mastercard is the first of its kind to convert business expenses into rewards that help nonprofit operating models. 

Launch clients include local chapters of The United Way, The Junior League, and the YMCA. Charity Charge Unveils.

Kate Williams, CEO at 1% for The Planet, said that it was easy to shift business expenses to a Charity Charge card. The card allows us to give back with every purchase. 

We can reduce the risk and liability of our company by offering automatic cash-back rebates. Charity Charge Unveils.

Charity Charge Unveils

The traditional small business cards that nonprofits use have many fees and multiple rewards systems.

The Charity Charge Nonprofit Card Business Mastercard simplifies the process and offers a variety of business parks. Charity Charge Unveils.

  • Mastercard’s global network and travel programs, as well as security/theft protection programs, are available to you.
  • There are no annual fees
  • Monthly cash rebates of 1% directly to the credit cards statements of nonprofits;
  • Cards custom-branded with your organization’s logo
  • Access to more than 200 vendors through a discount program, including FedEx Enterprise and Staples.

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Stephen Garten, CEO of Charity Charge, said that today marks a significant step forward. He stated that Charity Charge has launched the first credit card for non-profits. 

“Over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. spend more than $1.8 trillion USD each year. Charity Charge Unveils.

This shows how nonprofits can reap the benefits of a credit card model that allows them to manage their expenses and earn cashback.”

Advanced Expense Management Features in Charity Charge Nonprofit Business Mastercard Platform are available for non-profit and academic organizations that aren’t usually accessible to smaller ones. 

These tools allow nonprofits to manage expenses efficiently by allowing them to report online and limit employee cards.

Mastercard’s business strategy is to do well by doing good,” stated Ed Glassman, EVP Account Management, North America, Mastercard. 

This program is only for non-profits and is a creative way to help them run their businesses while turning expenses into rewards.

Luis Guardia (Chief Business Officer at charity Global Impact) stated that “Global Impact’s partnership has been meaningful.

” Global Impact’s mission is to support and incubate innovative nonprofits as well as streamline their financial operations. 

Charity Charge enabled us to quickly obtain credit cards for our nonprofit clients, which would have taken many months. Charity Charge Unveils.

Nonprofits with a two-year history of revenue and spending can request to be pre-qualified for the new card in just a few days by visiting 

Commerce Bank is the commercial credit card issuer that issued the Charity Charge Nonprofit Mastercard in 1968.

GuideStar’s collaborative partnership speeds up nonprofits’ application processes. 

This saves time and paperwork by allowing Charity Charge to quickly retrieve the financial information necessary for applying for a credit line.

Charitable Charge

Charity Charge is a public-benefit corporation with headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

Charity Charge is a public benefit corporation based in Austin, Texas. Its mission is to empower non-profits through financial technology services that maximize their impact. 

The company was founded in 2012 by noted social entrepreneur Stephen Garten to honor his father’s legacy and one rule: 

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Austin, Texas is home to Charity Charge, a Public Benefit Corporation. Stephen Garten, a social entrepreneur and noted founder of Charity Charge, founded the Company in 2012 to honor his father’s legacy.

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