I’ve been charged multiple times for the same transaction? ❤️

I’ve been charged multiple times for the same transaction.

charged multiple times: The idea of seeing multiple charges for the same transaction could be a concern but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be charged several times.

Why do multiple charges happen?

Businesses may authorize multiple charges due to errors or due to an issue with the technology. charged multiple times. charged multiple times.

In the majority of cases, the amount for duplicate transactions will be returned to your account within one week. It’s worthwhile to wait.

charged multiple times

You can check for the current status of your purchase

  1. Log into your Wise account
  2. Click the Home page to view your current activity plan
  3. Click on that replica transaction(s) to verify the status of their transactions

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If all transactions are in the midst of being completed

There’s nothing you have to do now – you’ll just have to sit and wait until one transaction is complete. charged multiple times.

The money from the other transactions in the queue typically returns to your account within 7 working days.

If one transaction is complete, but the other transactions are still pending

The cash for the final transaction has been received by the business. The funds for all still pending transactions will be transferred to your balance. 

This should occur within seven days. There’s nothing that you have to do. charged multiple times.

If all transactions have been complete Contact the company you paid

The funds for these transactions are now in the company that you have paid. You’ll need to get in touch with them and ask for an amount of money back. charged multiple times.

If they aren’t able to do this then you may request the refund using Wise’s dispute form.

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