What is this charge on my credit/debit card? ❤️

What’s the charge on my debit or credit card?

charge on my credit/debit card: You should check the information on your credit card’s statement:


We have received your order to purchase our program PDF Annotator through our website.

Your credit/debit cards have been debited via MyCommerce (Digital River, Share-it). As a reseller working together with us MyCommerce takes care of orders and transactions made on our site.

You probably received an e-mail confirmation at the time that the card was debited. charge on my credit/debit card.

To determine which orders appear on your card’s statement, visit this link:
Find MyCommerce Place an Order

charge on my credit debit card

If you have any questions about the charge of a credit card or debit card Contact MyCommerce Customer Service.


Your order has been placed for the PDF Annotator through us.

We processed your transaction using our partner Stripe. charge on my credit/debit card

My Friends Don’t Forget to check:

You probably received an e-mail confirmation when the card was debited.

We invite you to get in touch with us by providing the date of charge and the amount If you have questions about the charge.

PDFA.co, PDFC.co, PDFD.co, PDF3.co, PDF4.co, PDF5.co or similar

This is NOT from us. Enter PDFA.co within the address box of the browser. This will reveal the company that charged you. charge on my credit/debit card

You can also call your bank to discover who was the one who charged you. You will find the phone information of your financial institution on the reverse of your card.

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charge on my credit/debit card Also Ask

What happens what happens if I take my debit card for credit and I don’t have any cash?

If you don’t have sufficient cash in your bank account it will result in the transaction being denied. When you select to run credit on your debit card a credit card, you’ll sign your name on the transaction and do not enter your PIN. The transaction is processed by Visa’s payment network, and an order is put on your account. bank account.

Who is the person who was the person who charged my credit card?

Contact your bank’s 800 number and choose your option of speaking to an agent. Request all the details regarding your debit card transactions. Include the amount and the date the transaction was made. You will receive the business’ name as well as the transaction ID and telephone number.

How do I discover what was charged to my card?

There could be charges for the use of your debit cards. Example: Some banks charge an amount if you use your PIN (Personal Identification Number) to make a purchase in lieu of signing your signature. It is possible to be charged in the event that you make a large withdrawal with your debit card similar to what you would do have if you “bounced” on a check.

What can I do to determine what I paid to the credit card I have?

How to locate an amount from the credit card bill
  1. Utilize a search engine to find the words that appear in the explanation of your amount on your statement exactly as they appear.
  2. Check if the card issuer has its own search tool. Call the number that is on the bottom of the credit card.

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