Charity Charge: Helping People Find New Ways to Donate ❤️

Charity Charge credit cards supply non-profit organizations with a regular income stream

Charities Charge CEO and co-founder Stephen Garten talk about his desire to provide. Charity Charge: Helping People.

charities with new revenue streams by way of a rewards credit card program that allows cardholders to instantly donate their cashback to charities. 

MissionBox Co-founder Kathryn Engelhardt Cronk speaks with Stephen about the new method to let people help their chosen charities with every purchase.

What was your source for the idea of directing reward points from credit cards to support non-profit organizations?

When you sign to credit card you’re guaranteed various points miles, points, or other rewards that offer an advantage. 

I thought to myself that with all the worth in terms of rewards and points rather than taking advantage of the benefits for my own benefit, I might contribute to charity each when I used my card.

Charity Charge

A study recently carried out by Bankrate says it is that the study found that 31 percent of the credit cardholders in the US more than 60 million — have not yet redeemed the reward points they earned from their credit cards. 

This is equivalent to nearly 16 billion dollars of unredeemed or unredeemed rewards every year. What percentage out of the 60 million could be potential donors?

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What is it that makes the Charity Charge card different than similar credit or debit card?

The Charity Charge credit card was created in conjunction with MasterCard which functions the same way as the other types of credit cards.   Charity Charge: Helping People.

Charity Charge is a new concept of rewards or points, and for every purchase, the cardholder earns one percent cashback that will be donated automatically to any charity or nonprofit that the cardholder chooses. 

There is no annual cost and cashback contributions earned by cardholders are tax-deductible.

What is the best way for a potential donor or cardholder to sign up to receive Charity Charge?

The application form for Charity Charge is on our website. Visit Enter your email address, select a charity to be supported, and then you’ll be directed to the application of the bank. 

The whole procedure is initiated by you. Once a person has registered to use a credit card, and selected a charity the card will automatically and quickly be able to fund their favorite charity.

When a cardholder’s card is delivered to them it’s already set to help the non-profit organization the cardholder chose on our website.

How can non-profits work to Charity Charge?

Charity Charge is a partner with GuideStar and every single non-profit within the U.S. is already listed in our database, including K-12 schools. 

We work every day to make more money for charities and pay for 100 percent of the cost of processing donations to ensure that 100% of donations made by cardholders go to the charity of choice. Charity Charge: Helping People.

Charity Charge is not the affinity card that could be associated with an organization of significant sizes, such as an institution like a college. 

Banks are willing to work with large non-profits or huge alumni associations of colleges to provide affinity cards, but smaller groups like Hill Country Conservancy, or Austin Pets Alive for example don’t have an affinity card. 

There isn’t enough profit-sharing incentive for banks. Charity Charge is an excellent substitute for an affinity card.

We also provide all the tools for promotion that nonprofits require to promote this card to their supporters. 

We invite anyone who is associated with a nonprofit organization to go to our website and click on the tab labeled, “Nonprofit Organizations”

This page is filled with useful information to explain our partnership program, as well as an easy form that allows users to make a reservation to our director of partnerships.

We have established relationships with more than 500 charities that have offered our card to their base of donors.

They have resulted in cardholders who now help their cause by receiving cashback on their everyday purchases.

We can provide features such as custom fundraising pages as well as custom videos blog post features and many.

more features to ease the process of engaging donors for non-profit organizations so that they can increase their cardholder base and revenue, without transferring any funds into our programs.

Does any non-profit have their credit card be branded by their name?

Yes, you have the ability! The majority of nonprofits have a circle of loyal donors who appreciate the added benefit of showing your logo and the image of their favorite non-profit on their credit cards. 

Anyone who would like to provide their donors with a personalized card is required to fill out the form found on our nonprofit page. You can also schedule a meeting to discuss the idea with our staff.

Are you aware of a visionary leader or organization working towards social good? Tell us about it! Email

After completing his degree in economics from Washington University in St. Louis, Stephen visited Austin in 2009 to discover that Austin was a “personification of the person he is and what wants to become.

” After a few months of his visit, he went back to Austin to find an employment opportunity at Austin Technology Incubator.

Austin Technology Incubator at The University of Texas at Austin. Stephen created the charity Charity Charge in 2016.

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