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American Express Charge Cards

The world of privileges is yours with Amex Charge Cards

American Express Charge Cards :Alongside offering more flexibility for shopping, Amex Charge Cards come with a range of features and 24 hours Card support for any question related to the card.American Express Charge Cards

Platinum Concierge 24X7

  • Helping to locate or source items
  • Assistance with personal arrangements
  • Personal events that are organized on personal occasions
  • Reservations for dining reservations
  • Golf Bookings
  • Flowers and gifts delivered
  • Reservations for tickets to theatres and movies
  • Reservations for “By Invitation Only” events, and more

Travel Benefits

  • Airline Benefits:

    From tickets for flights to airport pick-ups, and car rentals to exclusive hotel reservations and check-ins Call us to book with Platinum Travel Services. 

  • Benefit from exclusive rates and discounts on top airlines like Air India and Etihad through our Airline Partner Program.

American Express Charge Cards

  • Global Lounge Collection:

    When you’re an American Express Platinum Card Member You can avail lounge benefits of INR 35,000*at more than 1,200 airport lounges such as The Centurion(r) Lounge as well as The International American Express lounges, or visit any of our partners, including Delta Sky Club(r) on flights with Delta or Priority Pass(TM) Lounge.

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  • The Fine Hotel and Resorts

    Get competitive rates and free offers at more than 1000 amazing properties around the world when you book with Platinum Travel Services

No spending limit that is pre-set.

When you use American Express Charge Cards, you don’t need to worry about your credit limit when doing purchases.

The amount you can spend within an entire period is reviewed regularly and you’re required to pay the amount due at the time of the close of each billing cycle.

Join and earn Rewards for Membership Rewards(r) points

If you’re one American Express Charge Card Member the more you spend, the more Member Rewards (r) points you accrue. 

You can use your points to redeem more than 550 exciting redemption choices. American Express Charge Cards.

They can be transferred to other loyalty programs like airlines (frequent flyer programs) or hotels (frequent guest programs).

Control your accounts online or via your mobile

You can access and manage your account from anywhere in the world. It is possible to do this by making use of Your Online Card Account or by using the American Express App.

How do I apply for a Credit Card?

Follow the steps below to get your Amex Charge Card on the internet:

  1. Choose the appropriate charge card for your needs. The Amex Charge Cards available include the American Express(r) Platinum Card and American Express(r) Gold Card. Visit their websites to learn more about these cards.
  2. After you’ve selected the right card to suit your lifestyle, click Apply now’ on the relevant page.
  3. There are further eligibility requirements on the application form. If you’re eligible you can complete your personal details in the provided form.
  4. After you’ve filled in the personal, financial, and other information the form will allow you to read the form before you then submit the form. All information you input here is secure and is stored in a secure manner.
  5. Once you have submitted your form, you’ll be able to see a message appear on the screen of your computer confirming that. Additionally, you will be sent an email acknowledging your submission by American Express within one working day, as well as subsequent steps.
  6. Congratulations! You’re all set to be issued the American Express Charge Card subject to the acceptance of your request.

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American Express Charge Cards Also Ask

What Amex cards are credit cards?

The American Express(r) Gold Card, American Express(r) Green Card and Platinum Card(r) from American Express all were called “charge card.” It meant, while they behaved as conventional credit cards, in terms of buying goods and earning points, they generally required repayment in total 

What is a credit card Amex?

If you have a credit card, you’ll need to pay off the amount each month. There is no limitation on spending that is set by the card company. 1 however, that doesn’t mean that you are able to spend as much as you want. Your purchases are approved on a variety of factors.

Are you sure? American Express a credit or charge card?

Key Tips. American Express cards are issued by American Express, which is a public company that provides financial services. They are credit cards, charge cards or prepay cards. The American Express card, also known as”Amex card “Amex” card is able to provide a range of benefits such as rewards points, cash back and travel benefits.

How many kinds of American Express cards are there?

At-A-Glance. American Express offers three major categories of Credit Cards that include dining and travel Card, points cards for daily spending Cash back Cards, and points cards for everyday spending. Each Card category comes with three distinct variants with various advantages and methods for earning rewards.

What makes American Express so special?

American Express is special because it’s a luxurious credit card company that is known for its premium rewards, as well as unique conditions for approval. American Express also is among the nation’s top credit card issuers in terms of amount of transactions, and is among the major four payment

What’s the use of a credit card?

What exactly is a credit card? The charge card functions like the regular credit card, in the sense that it allows you to purchase goods and services and then pay them off later. Additionally, you can earn miles or points for these purchases just like you would with a reward and travel cards, as well as other advantages too.

Can a credit card be used to create credit?

Charge cards are a great way to develop credit and earn rewards like traditional credit cards however, you have to pay the balance of your credit card every month in full or you’ll have to pay an fee.1